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Reason Using Monster Legends Hack to Get Unlimited Gems

When we are waiting for something to long, we tends to open our smartphone and looking for game to play. Monster Legends is one of the games that you can use to kill time while waiting. As it goes with other smartphone games, there are several hack tools for this game as well. Most of them have something in common. They provides unlimited amount of gems. Every player who plays this game on their smartphone has their own reason. In this article, we are going talk about the reason why such hack tools is worth it. Before we go into that, you need to know about the game specification. It will give you picture about how the game works. Review of Monster Legends

Social Point is the game developer of Monster Legends. Social Point is the same game developer that creates Dragon Land, Dragon City, and World Chef. It seems that the developer focuses their effort to develop simulation game. The game can be downloaded from Google Play Store under the category of simulation. As it goes with other games developed by this game developer, the game includes in-app purchases as well. In some part of the game, you can also find advertisements. Due to a great number of positive feedbacks about the game, it receives 4.5 stars on Google Play Store rating system.

The gameplay is mostly about three important activities. Players can collect and raise the monster they collected. After the monsters are strong enough, they can be included in the battle. For some reasons, the gameplay is similar to most game on the same genre. There are wide array of monster on this game. Each monster has their respective skills. New skill can be unlocked as they level up the monster. Leveling up the monster can be performed by initiating battle. Alternatively, there are also runes that can be used to make the monsters stronger. The main feature of the game is collecting monster. The game developer mentions that the amount of monsters provided in the game is more than 300 types. Each week, the game is updated with a new monster. Aside from collecting the monster in conventional way, players can also breed monsters from their collection. Breeding two monsters in different element will give birth to unique monster. The monsters in this game are not only categorized based on their element, but also based on their rarity. Unfortunately, getting monster with high rarity value is difficult in the first place.

Since this simulation game requires battle between players, it includes multiplayer mode. In this mode, players can challenge other players to see which monster collection is the best. The multiplayer mode can be used when the player enter the arena. They can also challenge their friend in a friendly battle. Players will receive rewards upon the completion of the battle. Aside from player vs. player, the game also provides team vs. team battle. In order to take advantage of this feature, players need to join an alliance first. If there is not suitable alliance, players can simply create alliance on their own.

For players who do not like the multiplayer battle, they can use the single player battle. This battle is available in the campaign mode. The battle is similar to multiplayer battle. However, they need to fight against artificial intelligence. In order to make it more interesting, the game developer put good story line on the single player battle. The single player feature gives role-playing feels to the game. By taking advantage of single player feature, players can also make their monster stronger than before. No wonder, most of them use it as a place to train their monsters. What the gameplay of Monster Legends has something to do with the hack tool?

Why Players Need to Use Hack Tools?

It does not need money

In the game, there is a currency called as gems. The gems are mostly used to purchase game privilege. Those gems allow the players to purchase food and even gold on this game. Unfortunately, gems are only obtainable through in-app purchase. It means that the players need to use their real life money to purchase the game. Surviving the gameplay without gems is possible. However, it is difficult and takes time. In order to solve this problem, third party tool becomes their only solution.

After certain level, the gameplay is difficult

Aside from being reluctant to spend their real money on the gems, there are other reasons why players need to use Monster Legends hack. It is related to the level difficulty. At the beginning, you are introduced by all features of the game. Some essential items on the game, including gems are given for free. However, as the players going to the higher level, the gameplay becomes harder that it was before. The fun and exciting game turn into grinding gameplay. Players who wish not to spend their time on this grinding situation consider Monster Legends hack is the best solution.

The hack tool is easy to use

In order to make the Monster Legends hack can be used by the players easily, the tool developer makes it easy to use. This easy-to-use feature is the last reason why players use the hack tool. Instead of creating application-based hack, the hack tool is provided in form of web-based. It allows the players to take advantage of its entire features without having to install an application to their smartphone. Monster Legends uses email address or Facebook username for the account. Players only need to input their either email address or Facebook username to the hack tool. After that, they can type any amount of gems they need. After clicking on the generate button, the same amount of gems will be transferred instantly to their account.

The best part about this process is they can do it repeatedly. It means they can get unlimited amount of gems from the web-based hack tool. The hack tool is compatible to both Android operating system and iOS. Regardless the platform of operating system used by the players, they get the benefit from the hack tool. Since it is web-based, it can be accessed through any browser as well. It makes the players more comfortable at generating gems.

Monster Legends Review – Breed Your Own Monster

Monster Legends Review

Playing with monster in a game is often a great way to spend the time. The Monster Legends is among the best monster games available to be played on your smartphones. It certainly will be great to hear what others say on Monster Legends review before you start downloading and playing it. Actually, this game was started as free to play game in Facebook that has gained a lot of popularity. Now, this game is played by millions of people worldwide and has become among the most popular games. Monster Legends is different to other monster game. In this game, you will not catch monsters. Instead, you will breed your own monster. Yes, you will be own monsters. So, it’s like you become the mom or dad of the monsters.

Raise Your Favorite Monsters

Based on the Monster Legends , there is no back story of this game which is actually a good thing. So, it becomes a very simple game yet challenging and full of fun. Building your Pacific Rim is not the only option when it comes to breeding monsters. Instead, you can also hatch the monsters from eggs. The process of hatching, feeding, raising and training the monsters is very entertaining. It is like raising your own kids where you should raise them to become the best monsters with special abilities.

Let’s talk about raising your own monster first review. Well, you will be given a habitat for the monsters to live in, food for them to eat and also gold for you to buy the necessities. It is like you are building your own community for monsters. If Pokemon Go is popular with motto “Gotta catch them all”, this Monster Legends game is popular with motto “Gotta breed them all”. As your monsters grow up, they will start to show their abilities. Each monster has certain abilities. It is a great thing if you happen to raise monsters with great special abilities. Some of the monster types are earth monster and fire monster.

What does the special ability do for the monsters? Well, when your monsters are big enough, you will deploy them in a battle ground to fight the bad monsters. The stronger your monsters, it means the bigger chance for them to win and beat the bad monsters. Remember, according to the Monster Legends review, to win the battle, you should have strategy. You cannot just deploy any monsters hoping to win. What you should do is to deploy the right monster to beat the enemy. For instance, you send your Earth monster to fight the Fire monster. Think of the right element and special abilities to beat the enemy.

Your gold can be used to upgrade your monsters’ abilities and stamina. During the fight, stamina is often the main reason that determines whether you win or lose. While you are sending your monsters troop to battle ground, you should build better and bigger breeding ground for your monsters. This way, there will be more monsters you can breed and raise. Just like what other players have said in Monster Legends review, more monsters mean more victories.